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eBay is up to something… Possible changes to Feedback System?

April 14, 2006

Yesterday on the Auctionbytes newsflash, Ina had an article about a survey that a poster on the OTWA boards was asked to fill out by eBay. According to the poster, the topic of the survey was eBay's Feedback System. Survey questions indicate that bidders will have the opportunity to rate the seller on different aspects of the transaction such as;

seller communication, item as described, shipping & handling and shipping times. These "pieces" of the transaction will be rated on a 5 point scale similar to Shopping .com 's rating scale.

While eBay would not confirm or deny changes to the feedback system; I personally feel this is coming to give eBay Express shoppers a feedback system that is similar to sites like

Websites cited:

AuctionBytes forums


Why, As A Seller; You need to respond to negative feedback respectfully.

April 11, 2006

I have been wanting to make this post for some time now and I will probably come back to this topic frequently.  This is a very important part of being a seller on eBay.

Everyone knows that they can not avoid a negative or neutral feedback.  What you can do is be prepared to react in a professional manner.  Make sure that you keep your response factual and professional.  Nothing VALIDATES a negative feedback more than an unprofessional seller who resorts to slander and name calling in response ot negative feedback.  Believe me when I tell you that your response is more important to potential bidders than the actual negative or neutral feedback.

Bidders who take the time to look at your feedback are looking for reassurance that you will handle any problems that may arise.  If your responses to negative feedbacks received show your efforts to resolve the tough situations, then any reasonable bidder will see that.

Retaliation negatives.  This is a sore spot for a lot of people.  As much as humanly possible refrain from retaliating with a negative feedback that is based solely on the comments in the feedback left for you, or your feelings about said feedback.  Feedback retaliation will be seen as unprofessional by potential bidders as well as undermine the trust that you are an honest seller who is customer centric.

If you feel that the buyer truly deserves a negative in order to warn other sellers of this buyer's dishonest practices; then by all means go ahead and leave one.  Just make sure your negative is factual, states timeframes and communication (or lack there of) if necessary and make certain you do not stoop to name calling.

Please feel free to share you thoughts about feedback and how eBay bidders react to unfavorable feedback.  I would enjoy reading your comments.