25 Tips On How To Be Safe In Your eBay Buying and Selling

April 12, 2006

Found this article today while it is on the dailyindia.com website, has some excellent tips for eBayers no matter where they are. By the way, dailyindia.com subcontracts with some great article writers. I suggest you check them out reguarly. This article does a good job of outlining many of the eBay pitfalls that many new eBayers and veterans alike fall for. This is a list to post right beside your computer. Let me comment on the highlights: #3. High Value or high volume for newly registered sellers. This is a big one! New sellers who are selling high value/volume items are more than likely scammers trying to fleece you. These accounts are usually terminated by eBay within days or even hours. However they are still able to generate some "profits" from the short time they are live. #7. Unusual sales pattern. If the recent sales do not match items sold in the past (this can usually be seen by looking at their feedback), then that is a good indication of a hijacked eBay account. The account may be legitimate but it was hijacked by the scammer for their devoius deeds. #9. Location, Location, Location. Make sure the gooods match the location as stated everywhere you can find it on eBay! The location on the feedback page should match the location on the auction page as well as the location stated in any email correspondence. #20. "I noticed your Bid…" Never conduct business with anyone who contacts you regarding recent items you have bid on. On one hand they are offering to handle the transaction outside of ebay which is against eBay policy, while on the otherhand they are usually fraudsters or at best unscrupulous sellers. #24. Time is of the essence. This is one that I knew about but was not exactly sure how the scammers pulled it off. Basically the scammers troll eBay for high priced items with multiple bidders and they send the bidders who did not win the items a Second Chance Offer. For more information about real second chance offers click here. The 2nd chance offer is not valid, it is just an attempt to get the buyer to send the scammer funds. Those are my highlights, this is a great article that is well worth a read!


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