Another high profile eBay Vigilante.

April 10, 2006

On April 5th Jeffrey Young of ZDNet posted this
article on his blog. While I understand his frustration with the eBay transaction. It really infuriates me when people make sweeping generalizations about a market with hundreds of thousands of users from one bad transaction.

Here's my take on his "Musings":

1. Handbags- Most experienced eBayers know that the high end handbags are riddled with reproductions. As an eBayer since 1998 I would go to extraordinary lengths to ensure I am purchasing a "real" handbag. Anything that has a "Designer" is going to have reproductions surface on eBay sooner or later.

2. Second Chance Offers – I can understand how an eBay user who doesn't "read" the email in it's entirety would not understand the process. All second chance offers are not made because the winning bidder backed out. The majority of our 2nd chance offers are made because we have multiple pieces of the same item to sell. Obviously Jeffrey did not read the email closely enough where eBay states that the seller might have additional items to sell and this could be the reason the 2nd chance offer was made. If he suspects that the Second Chance offer "alludes" to shill bidding; why not do some research? How many of the sellers other items has this same bidder won in the last 2 weeks? I would say that if there were more than one or 2, then the bidder could be shill bidding.

3.Collusion among sellers – Many sellers have more than one account; this could have been the case with this seller. eBay only allows a seller to have 10 of a specific item live at any one time. To get around this the seller has to set up 2 or more accounts; which is actually legal on eBay. Also the similarity in this seller's description could be because the other seller has "copied" his discription.

4. The feedback ratings are meaningless – Well finally he has hit on something that has some grain of truth. However, the problem with feedback is the fact that eBayers DO live in fear of getting a negative for speaking their mind and leaving a truthful feedback. If you want to leave a negative for a seller make sure you contact the seller first and give them the opportunity to make things right. If they threaten you with negative feedback; then leave a very professional negative feedback that only states the facts and doesn't do any name calling. If the seller follows up with a negative of his own it can easily be seen as retaliatory especially if the seller resorts to name calling and making accusations. Even if you only have 10 feedback, if you comments are professional in their content; that will over ride any negative you may receive.

5. PayPal playing the float – Come on! This guy is angry about more than a bad eBay transaction! I have purchased hundreds of items through PayPal and they have never charged a fee for transfering money from a bank account. Paypal charges the person who is receiving the money the fees.



  1. I’m actually new tho I joined eBay in the stone age. Still I see they’ve made Tremendous strides and so when people get upset and start to pitch a fit… Well just goes to show now matter how hard you try its always “sumption” that is sure to come like an upset stomach with excessive consumption:)

  2. I agree with you. eBay has done great things over the past 10 years. There is much more that can be done.

    What upsets me is when someone in the media has 1 bad experience and writes an article “exposing” the pitfalls of eBay. Like everything else in business and in life; the few bad apples spoil it for the rest of us.


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